XI’AN WIDEWORLDS AVIATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, focuson research, development and manufacture drone and drone parts, dronecustomized solutions, Intelligent control equipment, Intelligent FlightControl, Intelligent flow meter, Steering gear, Engine, Electric powercombination, remote control with high quality and most reasonable prices.

          Since inception, we have won nearly 20 nationalinvention and utility model patents; also received national Torch Program andthe National Science and Technology Ministry of Science and TechnologyInnovation Fund, and other incentives, and passed the ISO9001 quality systemcertification and high-tech enterprises Certification.

       Our SLK series of independent researched multi-rotor intelligent electric applicator, short-range landing in thelow-altitude remote sensing unmanned aerial vehicles, long reconnaissancemulti-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles, large torque intelligent electricsteering gear, UAV power test system, Unmanned aerial vehicle integrated powersystem and other products have achieved a good market response. SLK series ofmulti-rotor smart electric pesticide application project in the second sessionof the China Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Competition won thefirst prize, is the domestic market, a high degree of intelligence, userexperience the best single-model market share higher Low-altitude agriculturalunmanned aerial spraying products.


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